How to share data analysis scripts with publications?

Including data analysis as Supplementary Materials can be a tedious task. How can we simplify the sharing of our work? So that it can be fully appreciated, as well as evaluated, improved, worked on, in a transparent and open way?.

How to extract individual scores from repeated measures

We compare different methods (individual models, Bayesian models with informative priors, random effects from mixed models) to extract individual scores from repeated measures tasks.

R or Python for Psychologists

Most psychology students or researchers are faced with the challenge of learning a programming language. Which one should you pick?

How to correctly analyze reaction time (RT) data

Most researchers use the normal distribution to model reaction times, but it's wrong! Discover how to perform a good analysis of RT data.

In defence of the 95% CI

The one where I discuss arguments in favour of 95% instead of alternatives like 90 or 89%.

Introduction to Bayesian statistics with R

A gentle introduction to Bayesian statistics with R for people not familiar with any of these.

Tips for writing blog posts using Academic-hugo

On this page, you'll find some examples of interesting content that can be rendered with Academic.